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Contact Christer Björkstam
Inkoo, Finland
EUR 9.650

Trimaran 44". Name: Tojka af Ohotea. Built 1972. Constructor: R.Karpio. Mast: 16m upon deck (aluminium). Weight 3,2ton. Deep: 0,6m-2m. -Mainsail, 4 genuas, 3 Spinnakers. Engine: Yanmarin diesel. 2 cabins for about 5persons. -Hulls renovated 2017-2018. Still something to do upon deck. Hulls fibreglass upon above waterline and upon that sandwitch built with vener and fibreglass. Length about 14m and total wide about 6,7m. At the moment still in the water but in next week will be in winterstorage in Inkoo, Finland. More information given by phone or E-mail.
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